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Referral Links and Website Traffic


by Deepak Mehta

Referral links and Reciprocal links - One of the way to bring more traffic to your Website- That makes the Internet a different medium for marketing But... by the same token, time-honored principles still apply.

The secret to landing clients to your Offline business or Online Website business is what it always has been - build relationships and get people to know, like, and trust you.Once they trust you they will become your loyal customers.

They are the ones who will boost your bottom line and make you a Successful offline or Online Entrepreneur.

There is no new winning formula for online or offline businesses.

But how do we get traffic to our business website? That is what this article will look into.

Get Traffic Jams with Referral Links on your Website

Most business owners greatly depend on their website to generate a substantial part of their income.

Some website business owners depend on the success of their website to supplement their income while some depend on their website for their entire income, whether it is making direct sales or by generating leads as an Affiliate Marketer to spread interest in your website's services or products.

But to generate income and be successful in any business offline or Online, you need Traffic. If you blast your message out to anyone who will listen, aiming for a quick profit, the Internet won't bring you any more business than standing on a street corner with a megaphone.

Are you running an Internet business and looking for a way to boost the traffic to your website?

Would you like to increase your opt-in subscribers, get more referrals, quality leads and receive valuable feedback? Well you can, through the fastest growing marketing tool available - Referral links AKA Incoming Links.

These are the Incoming links from businesses which are related to your kind of business. You place their link on your website and they place yours on their site.

These businesses are then visited by online surfers or visitors. That brings traffic to your site and vice a versa.. So in a way incoming and reciprocal links are form of advertisement of your business on the basis of mutual understanding of businesses.

According to a recent online study, over 50% of Internet users have visited websites through referral links.

This is why providing referral links on your website is so important. As a business website owner, you need to generate huge targetted traffic and promote your website business with Referral links and Reciprocal links.

Referral links may cause traffic jams on your website, but in a good way.Referral links can bring the best website traffic when the referral is coming from a reliable Link source and can mean a world of difference when it comes to converting a website visitor to loyal customer.

The more referral links to your website, the more visitors stop in to look around. The math is simple.

Referral links plus visitors equal purchase and profits.

Although referral links may only account for a small portion of website traffic, they do have a big conversion rate and they are a very wise investment of your time and resources.

Now will every visitor visiting your website turn into a buying customer? As with many website businesses, visitors are more likely to zip through your website without reading your site or making any purchases.

When someone visits your website and does not provide any real boost or benefit to your business such as making a purchase, inquiry, or subscribing to your newsletter or any other effects that may become a sales lead. This will not boost your conversion rate or Bottom line.

Website business owners often measure their success in terms of conversions rate, not just increased website traffic.

You must think of every visitor as being a potential customer, it's up to you to convert them into a loyal customer who will keep them coming back.

After all, you have invested a great deal of time and money into getting your website up and running.

Now the million-dollar question is this - How do you turn your visitors into loyal and buying customers? The answer to this question can have a tremendous affect on the success of your Online business.

The answer is, You convert these visitors into customers by offering them informative Contents, Sincere product reviews, unwavering endorsement of the products you promote.

On top of these giving them exceptional deals and incentives will contributes to building long-term, trusting relationships with prospective clients and referral sources and You'll get booming business on the website.

You must then invest the time and effort into getting your target audience opt-in to receiving future specials and updates - Newsletters, ezines, new product reviews or free offer etc.-Something for them to come visit your website over and over again.

Then it is called The Internet marketing Success.

Our credits to the source/author of this article:

Author: Deepak Mehta

Deepak S. Mehta M.D. is a Family Physician by Profession. On his website http://www.netprofitsolutionnow.com You the Affiliate Marketers will find handpicked tips, tools and resources for your use - the very best Affiliate Marketing information to maximize your Practical Knowledge.Use that Knowledge you find here and get an Edge On Success.

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